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Moving cd/album item sometimes failes
#26 Moving cd/album item sometimes failes
  1. Reported By: Nick Date reported: 10-07-2009
    Status: Fixed Assigned To: Nick
    Planned for version 0.4    
  1. The current function is not suited for the flexible nature of the cd/album items. When selecting different cd's the previous selected cd items will not move by drag and drop.
  1. 10-07-2009 Nick changed planned version from 0.0 to 0.4.
  2. 19-02-2009 Nick changed status from Reopened to Fixed.
  3. 15-02-2009 Nick changed status from Fixed to Reopened.
  4. 02-01-2009 Nick changed status from Accepted to Fixed.
  5. 27-12-2008 Nick changed status from New to Accepted.
  6. 27-12-2008 Nick changed priority from 0 to 5.

  1. 28-12-2008 by Nick
    This problem is planned for the first stable version.
  2. Solution
    02-01-2009 by Nick
    The problem was in the javascript function MusicCd::change(). It should have removed the drag/drop enabled flag based on the version id, but it removed it based on the serie id.
  3. Reopened
    15-02-2009 by Nick
    Seems like there is still a problem when changing the menus. It is probably still affected by the previous bug, the enabled flag isn't properly reset.