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Copy the files from the Music Manager directory to the base directory of the web server. If you are using windows, it is usually located in C:\wamp\www\. If you are using linux this is usually /var/www/html.

After all the files are copied, you can go to the address http://localhost and you will see the step 1 of the installation. Click next to go to the next step.

In this step you will need to fill in a couple of fields as shown below.


Login Password: If filled in this will be the password which you have to use to login to the Music Manager.

Online Address: http://localhost unless you want to use the Music Manager online.

Local Path: The installation path, usually C:\wamp\www or /var/www/html


Hostname: localhost

Username: root

Password: Left blank unless manually modified

Database: Name of the database to use.

After filling in all the fields, click next to go to the next step.

If there are any errors displayed, correct them in the previous step. After everything is approved, click next to go to the next step.


This step displays the license. If you are ready to finish the installation click Finish Installation.

Now you may delete the file install.php from the web server directory and go to the address which you filled in in the installation and you should see an empty Music Manager.

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