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Synchronize Songs
Now that we have a clean installation, we need to add songs. One way is to synchronize based on a directory.

Lets say that you have saved your music collection in the directory C:\Music if you are using Windows and /data/music if you are using Linux. We can easily add all these song almost automatic. First click in the menu Maintenance the menu item Sync. Now we see a text field with a button.

Enter C:\Music in the text field and click Sync to search through the directory, now we have to wait until the search is complete.

Now that we have some items you can modify the name of the song or the initial artist as shown below.


If you are happy with the naming, click save and the song is added to the database.

The same applies for videos, we enter the directory we want to synchronize and click Sync. When we see that their are any results as shown below, we only have to press Save to save the videos.


When there isn't a non-video version of the song, it will display that error and you are not able to save the video until you have added the non-video version.

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